There are so many things that hold us back

There are many that help us grow

If it is hurting you….LET IT GO❗️❗️❗️

The hurt you feel is ok..pain is normal. Treat it like an unwanted visitor…

They are not there to stay unless you let them. It’s your home‼️

So they have to go at some point❗️

If you do not put a stop to it, it will continue to grow and fester.

Your home will be your nightmare🆘

Do your time, and when your ready…kick it in the but and get it out!🔱

Know you can cross your own limitations when you permit the entry of this #power. 🔱Self love! First!

Have you used this power⁉️


“If you don’t let go you will always be held back.”#Opism

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Release the chains of misery
Grasp freedom from love’s history

If someone or something hurts you
That’s their choice not yours
It’s your choice to refuse to be a part of their bad choice

There is suffering
There is pain

Release the chains of misery⛓
Grasp freedom from love’s history❤️

Whatever the reason
It could be worse

There is healing
There is joy
It does get better

Whatever negative reason you are thinking
You have the power of choice of what to believe in

In life.. the only ‼️LEADER‼️ that matters…
Is the one in you‼️Honour YOU as you would a leader‼️


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To every single human

I share with all my heart

For every single thought

There has to be a start

What makes us think beyond

The world that we live in

All the love and joy

And every single sin

We all have a view

And only some will share

It happens every second

Conversations are out there

Every word that’s uttered

Is valued by the speaker

Some are most profound

While others are the weaker

In our minds we are alone

We search and look around

Looking hard to find

We seek a common ground

Something to hold onto

Something to believe

Something to give reason

Something to achieve

We need a solid base

A foundation where to stand

Some are afraid to lose

And fear change to understand

What works for other beings

May not work well with you

Everyone is different

Your life is needed too

Sometimes we need a rest

From leading in ourselves

A time to take a break

And let others lead as well

The thing that makes it smart

Is knowing you have will

Not everyone is climbing

Up the same big hill

The cracks along the way

Will allow you to slow down

As long as you keep going

It’s not over when you frown

Everyone’s a climber

Not everyone can climb

In humanity together

We have to stand in line

There is a time to process

And understand it all

Accepting there are moments

From this climb that we will fall

Expect to lose your grip

Anticipate the fall

This is where you learn

And find you most of all

Everyone is climbing

Some are in a rush

Just let them be

They too will learn from this

After this is over

What will happen next

Does it make a difference

If no lesson here did fix

So if I were to say

And address Humanity

After this is over

Did I become a better me?





What is the pace

We need to keep

If all around us

Is asleep

What is the race

You are running

If you keep chasing

After nothing

Better days

And some cheer

It’s not to get

But all right here

To always roam

And be prepared


The feelings scared

To live in searching

Always looking

It makes sense

To stop lurking

The fear of what

Or what if

Sometimes it helps

To just give

Always wanting

Much for self

Is too much

For mental health

We cannot stay

In desire’s mist

There is a point

We must resist


A heavy word

Never complete

In this world


Loses grip

When your mind

Is not fit

The heavy shroud

On naked skin


Can’t get in

Ruling you

Is the force

Right and wrong

Mind’s divorce

There is hope

From our birth

Remember child

You are first

Each growing day

You encounter


It will hurt ya

Knowing now

What’s in store

Just believe

There is more

Free in mind

You have to wander

Allow all thoughts

But don’t go under

All perceptions

Without love

Kill the brain

And life thereof

When it’s hard

It is easy

To hand it over

And lose the key

As it falls

In this dimension

Give your heart

Some attention

It commands

Electric shock

Take back the key

And just walk