#Opism✅ ‼️IF IT BE‼️

“Movement catches the eye

In doing, there’s no try”


‼️IF IT BE‼️

If it be truth
That you do seek
Especially when
You help the weak

If it be kindness
You wish for
It’s most apparent
When you give more

If it be work
You want to do
There is a job
Right here for you

If it be time
You need more of
There is no clock
When there is love

If it be faith
You hope to find
It’s up to you
To know your mind

If it be trust
You so desire
You have to use
All of your power

If it be love
You look around for
Just stop right there
And search no more

All you need
And all you have
Resides in you
On your behalf

The one inside
Observing you
Knows everything
About you too

It is here
Where you must start
Nowhere else
No other part

What you seek
In what you need
There will be peace
If you concede

It’s up to you
To stand alone
No one else
Is in your zone

Honour self
And others too
That’s all you need
And must do

Believe and love,
Know this value
I am here
And so are you

Hope and faith
Love and charity
Must all be done
With our DIGNITY!





Life handed you a task
Or should I say a few
Every single day
Was one to just get through

It wasn’t very easy
It’s not meant to be this way
Sometimes we are allotted
And there’s a price to pay

We see the world in beauty
And look for all the good
Even in the face
Of evil and it’s hood

You never see it coming
But hope for all the best
We sooth the dying soul
Avoiding this life’s test

In the fear of darkness
There is a light that’s dim
Everything you cherish
Is attacked with evil sin

The repeated torture stays
You battle every day
Until the time you see
Your love has gone away

Not only for the other
Who hovered over you
Your mind had many scars
And love has left you too

The courage you held onto
This love was your dear hope
The power in its hold
Was gifted in this choke

Physical is seen
But more is in your head
The scars they cannot see
Increase with what is said

Reactions they decrease
For punishment is huge
Weaker is the fist
When mighty words are used

The greatest gift you have
To survive is a surprise
When courage swept you up
And helped you to arise

At first you can’t decipher
And try to figure out
How it all became
And why you had a doubt

The master and the servant
Are compromising myths
No one should own another
Not everyone gets this

There is no shame to see
Why you were in this cage
The fact that you are out
You paid the highest wage

The purity of love
Leaves a bigger scar
It is your badge of courage
You are a superstar


Life and it’s scars

Makes a lot of superstars






There are so many things that hold us back

There are many that help us grow

If it is hurting you….LET IT GO❗️❗️❗️

The hurt you feel is ok..pain is normal. Treat it like an unwanted visitor…

They are not there to stay unless you let them. It’s your home‼️

So they have to go at some point❗️

If you do not put a stop to it, it will continue to grow and fester.

Your home will be your nightmare🆘

Do your time, and when your ready…kick it in the but and get it out!🔱

Know you can cross your own limitations when you permit the entry of this #power. 🔱Self love! First!

Have you used this power⁉️


“If you don’t let go you will always be held back.”#Opism

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