Dance Challenge‼️Bravery


I don’t know how It started but I was pulled into this challenge by some friends over in the LinkedIn platform. Miriam Ben Salem and Ramona Patterson! Thank you both!

My dear friends…cover your eyes…lol

If anyone would have told me a year ago I’d be posting myself dancing on #Linkedin, or any #socialmedia, I would have said 🗣Noooooo 🗣Waaaaay‼️

Well these two ladies put it out there and pushed me to do it too💃🕺

This is so out of my comfort zone, but since I did it and I’m posting it…It’s done‼️

I’m a different person today & will be another version of me tomorrow. Stepping out of my zone & doing my thing, living the best way I can.

Life is full of surprises, but once you start surprising life, you will be granted a full access pass to some outstanding adventures! Keep pushing yourself, allow encouragement in…don’t worry what others think…it’s none of your business. Take a walk on the wild side!

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Have a Happy Sunday Beautiful People‼️


✅‼️Happy Sunday‼️✅




𝓞𝓝𝓛𝓨 𝓨𝓞𝓤 can change the way you see your life

𝓞𝓝𝓛𝓨 𝓨𝓞𝓤 can decide what direction to take

𝓞𝓝𝓛𝓨 𝓨𝓞𝓤 can have the power to open your mind

𝓞𝓝𝓛𝓨 𝓨𝓞𝓤 can change your life and make it great

“If you don’t like where you are going
Stop what you are doing”


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‼️‼️Happy Canada Day‼️‼️


It started in July, 


A British North American Act

Self governing dominion 

Here’s a little story

Of how we came to be

When European explorers 

Thought the Indies they did see

They met the native peoples

And called them Indian

There were no maps to show them

New territory they were in

They lived a way of life

Some were nomadic

Others farmed the land

They valued and respected

Missionaries and explorers 

Interacted in a way

That changed them all forever

And took their land away

Populations changed

As interactions mingled

Prosperity for some

Discrepancy commingled 

The British sent Cabot

Who found us by mishap

The French they had Cartier

Who put “Kanata” on the map

A word from the people,

Meaning settlement of village

A community together

And some did suffer pillage 

The competitions grew

Of who would own the land

Nothing has changed here

The world and it’s commands

Eventually some truce

Was put on papers true

Signatures together

Accommodated too

Migrations and expansions

North America did split


Set North the Loyalist

The first to Prohibit


Upper Canada’s Gen. Simcoe

Abolished slavery 

The North Star was followed

The empire was inviting

Underground Railroad

Anti slavery was in writing

This is just a glimpse

A bit about our nation

We are a country with

Abundant diversification

This is my village home

I share some history

Oh Canada, North Star

I highlight humanity

We’ve always been inviting

And we will stand on guard

All people here together

In Canada’s backyard


“When you love 

Where you’re livin

It’s pretty cool

Being Canadian”



Release the chains of misery
Grasp freedom from love’s history

If someone or something hurts you
That’s their choice not yours
It’s your choice to refuse to be a part of their bad choice

There is suffering
There is pain

Release the chains of misery⛓
Grasp freedom from love’s history❤️

Whatever the reason
It could be worse

There is healing
There is joy
It does get better

Whatever negative reason you are thinking
You have the power of choice of what to believe in

In life.. the only ‼️LEADER‼️ that matters…
Is the one in you‼️Honour YOU as you would a leader‼️


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What is the pace

We need to keep

If all around us

Is asleep

What is the race

You are running

If you keep chasing

After nothing

Better days

And some cheer

It’s not to get

But all right here

To always roam

And be prepared


The feelings scared

To live in searching

Always looking

It makes sense

To stop lurking

The fear of what

Or what if

Sometimes it helps

To just give

Always wanting

Much for self

Is too much

For mental health

We cannot stay

In desire’s mist

There is a point

We must resist


A heavy word

Never complete

In this world


Loses grip

When your mind

Is not fit

The heavy shroud

On naked skin


Can’t get in

Ruling you

Is the force

Right and wrong

Mind’s divorce

There is hope

From our birth

Remember child

You are first

Each growing day

You encounter


It will hurt ya

Knowing now

What’s in store

Just believe

There is more

Free in mind

You have to wander

Allow all thoughts

But don’t go under

All perceptions

Without love

Kill the brain

And life thereof

When it’s hard

It is easy

To hand it over

And lose the key

As it falls

In this dimension

Give your heart

Some attention

It commands

Electric shock

Take back the key

And just walk