#Opism✅ ‼️IF IT BE‼️

“Movement catches the eye

In doing, there’s no try”


‼️IF IT BE‼️

If it be truth
That you do seek
Especially when
You help the weak

If it be kindness
You wish for
It’s most apparent
When you give more

If it be work
You want to do
There is a job
Right here for you

If it be time
You need more of
There is no clock
When there is love

If it be faith
You hope to find
It’s up to you
To know your mind

If it be trust
You so desire
You have to use
All of your power

If it be love
You look around for
Just stop right there
And search no more

All you need
And all you have
Resides in you
On your behalf

The one inside
Observing you
Knows everything
About you too

It is here
Where you must start
Nowhere else
No other part

What you seek
In what you need
There will be peace
If you concede

It’s up to you
To stand alone
No one else
Is in your zone

Honour self
And others too
That’s all you need
And must do

Believe and love,
Know this value
I am here
And so are you

Hope and faith
Love and charity
Must all be done
With our DIGNITY!



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