There are so many things that hold us back

There are many that help us grow

If it is hurting you….LET IT GO❗️❗️❗️

The hurt you feel is ok..pain is normal. Treat it like an unwanted visitor…

They are not there to stay unless you let them. It’s your home‼️

So they have to go at some point❗️

If you do not put a stop to it, it will continue to grow and fester.

Your home will be your nightmare🆘

Do your time, and when your ready…kick it in the but and get it out!🔱

Know you can cross your own limitations when you permit the entry of this #power. 🔱Self love! First!

Have you used this power⁉️


“If you don’t let go you will always be held back.”#Opism

#PaulaG #opism #motivation #inspiration #emotionalintelligence

#branding #happiness #personaldevelopment #contentcreator #whatinspiresme #mentalhealth #success #life #help

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