What is the pace

We need to keep

If all around us

Is asleep

What is the race

You are running

If you keep chasing

After nothing

Better days

And some cheer

It’s not to get

But all right here

To always roam

And be prepared


The feelings scared

To live in searching

Always looking

It makes sense

To stop lurking

The fear of what

Or what if

Sometimes it helps

To just give

Always wanting

Much for self

Is too much

For mental health

We cannot stay

In desire’s mist

There is a point

We must resist


A heavy word

Never complete

In this world


Loses grip

When your mind

Is not fit

The heavy shroud

On naked skin


Can’t get in

Ruling you

Is the force

Right and wrong

Mind’s divorce

There is hope

From our birth

Remember child

You are first

Each growing day

You encounter


It will hurt ya

Knowing now

What’s in store

Just believe

There is more

Free in mind

You have to wander

Allow all thoughts

But don’t go under

All perceptions

Without love

Kill the brain

And life thereof

When it’s hard

It is easy

To hand it over

And lose the key

As it falls

In this dimension

Give your heart

Some attention

It commands

Electric shock

Take back the key

And just walk


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